The company ORMAG SpA was founded in the year 1948, in Milan.

The first historic office was in Via A. Sciesa, an area that is nowadays considered to be the center of Milan.

The initial activity was the overhauling of the printing presses damaged during the bombings in the Second World War.

At the same time the company ORMAG SpA became in charge of the maintenance for the printing machines of the company "CALCOGRAFIA E CARTEVALORI", located in the same area and whose activities concerned the security printing.


Diversifying its activities, the company ORMAG SpA began to collaborate with the "ORGANIZATION GIORI" of Lausanne, Switzerland, founded by the great Milanese industrialist Gualtiero Giori. The result of this collaboration was the design and construction of the world's first series of multicolour printing intaglio machines called "Piloto".

It can be said that all the machines for printing banknotes and securities, now operating in the world, derive in some way from the technology implemented in the "Piloto" machine.

In the following years the company has continued to expand its activity in the field of security printing, developing the production of various auxiliary machines.

The auxiliary machines are very important elements in a banknote printing workshop because they allow the production of cylinders, plates, quality controls and all what a printing press needs to work.

The range of auxiliary machines developed by us embraces almost all the needs of a printing press and is composed of PLASTIROTA, MASTERPROOF, PLASTIMIX, AUTO-INK-FEED, PLIFORA, PLASTICUT, PLASTIWELD, PANTOGRAPH WG5, MATHEMAT, PROXIMA, PLATECHECK and others.


Starting from 1991, and for about ten years, the company ORMAG SpA developed, at first with a Silicon Valley company and later with a Milanese software company, the NOTA CHECK project, the first machine in the world with the capacity to control, at the speed of 10,000 sheets / hour, the print quality of each single sheet of banknote.

Until then, each printed sheet of banknotes was visually checked by a multitude of employees, with unavoidable work stress and evaluation errors.

We can proudly state that in the 1990s Chinese banknotes were checked, before being put into circulation, almost totally by the machines produced in our factory.

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